Wrapping it up with the USA

We have been pretty busy lately so we haven’t had time to write a new entry.. We had a special event this week as we celebrated Conrad’s 28 birthday. We had a Karaoke/Margaritas party on the porch at the Heuco Tank village…the four of us and the dogs!! We had so much fun …didn’t know we were that good at singing!!! Kristine baked a delicious chocolate cake and she even bought icing and candles…pretty big deal if you ask me!


Birthday boy with his birthday hat ūüôā


I(Elaine) used the shower bag for the first time this week. We could say that it was a half-success as the wind blew away the bed sheet hiding while showering. In the end, I did get the job done and we are pretty certain that the neighbor wasn’t home at that moment. I also got a nice gift from Josh, our new Aussie friend, he gave me¬†a coupon for a free shower at the nearby Hacienda, a kind of B&B. I¬†also got another free shower coupon by the manager of the campground and I¬†gave it to Mathieu. I’m just so nice!!! We both enjoyed a short nice hot shower.

photo (3)

Now you can see Elaine’s leg, 1 minute later you could see everything ūüôā


The campground quickly emptied itself out over the last few week, most people¬†leaving for new adventures. We ended up been the only campers here at the exception of Conrad and Kristine. Some nights, we got lucky and got new arrivals. Pretty exciting, new people to chat with. That’s how we met those guys who did the PCT- Pacific Crest Trail a few months ago. They hiked for 5 months from Mexico to Cananda, total of 2,663 miles or 4,286 km!! Quite the adventure! I’m for sure putting that on my bucket list but I’m not sure if it will make Mathieu’s list.

Climbing wise, we tried to get as much climbing in as possible, trying to finish all the projects we had. The park has been pretty busy lately due to Spring Break and it has been a bit of a challenge to get in. We waited 5 hours in the van the other day to get into the park. We never made it in as we got discouraged around 3pm and just went back to the campground. In addition to the increase in park’s visitors, the weather wasn’t that great therefore it was a bit harder to get psyched. I finally sent one of my first projects in Hueco: Lobster Claw, an amazing V5. I have been working on it for a while and was starting to get more frustrated than motivated. I’m kind of proud of myself and of all of the things I accomplished here.


Playing monopoly on the Ipad while we were waiting for like ever

On Mathieu’s side, not much happened this last week. He didn’t have much time to work on Baby Face so it will still be a project for our next visit to Hueco Tanks. In the last few days, he started to work another problem called Choir Boys V7. He worked pretty hard on the opening moves but then he hurt his back and had to take a few extra rest days with some Ibuprophene(Glad to report that the back is feeling perfect now).

Overall, we are very pleased with all the climbing we have done here. Our time in Heuco Tanks is now over and it’s kind of a bitter sweet feeling as we are sad to leave this amazing place but also excited to take on this last leg of our trip. We also said a temporary good bye to Conrad and Kristine and the dogs, as they are going to Joe’s Valley and we are heading to Houston and then back to Canada. We will see them again in two months on Tonsei Beach in Thailand!!!



People suggested that we stop by Carlsbad Caverns National Park on our way to Houston. We did and what an amazing place that was! You can either enter the caverns walking trough the Natural Entrance or by using an elevator that will bring you 800′ down. We used the Natural Entrance and walked throughout the caverns for over 2 miles(3.2km). We spent about 4 hours admiring all the rock formations and walking for narrows passages. Carlsbad Caverns is a world heritage protected site and deserves it very much. It’s really worth your time if you can make it there someday.

image_11 image_7(3)

We then kept on driving across Texas and finally made it to Houston! Texas is a big state! We spent a couple of days there with our friend Jean and his fiance. It was awesome to see him again and to spend time with them. We had awesome food and wine (People that know Jean will for sure agree!) and we even went to a french play!! There is a small french community here in Houston and it was great to be able to support a small french theater troop. We had a very good time and we will for sure come back….some day!

photo 3

After Houston, we hopped back into our van and kept on driving toward Nashville,Tennessee to meet one of my childhood friend, Manon. I haven’t seen her in like 15 years! We spent the evening at her place and had the chance to meet her husband and son, both awesome people!!! It was so nice to spend sometime with her again and talk about how silly we were at 8 years old!!!

photo 2

We are now back on the road, very slowly making our way to Quebec to visit family and friends before our departure to Thailand.

Quick facts:
-Matt got a seriously needed haircut
-Gone girl the movie is really really creepy
-The plant hasn’t been doing too hot.. Zero leaves eaten since December.
-We bought a bunch of Military Rations .. perfect for when you’re driving the distance!

image(1) image_7


In memory of the good old army days.. Military rations!

We would like to inform you guys that we official spent all the 5000$ that we had budgeted for gas. We agreed to reallocate $1000 for the fuel/transport so our weekly budget is dropping quite a bit. So far we have driven around 24 000 km.

Our  budget for this week is now $165.11 for food & fun.

March 12- March 18  : Weekly & Totals since we left 38 weeks ago.

Fuel: $72.50 / $4807.60
Food: $52.54 / $2565.23
Fun: $15.00 / $4917.07

Total for the week without fuel: $67.54
Total with fuel: $140.34
Total spent since the beginning: $12290.07

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $3466.14

March 19- March 25  : Weekly & Totals since we left 39 weeks ago.

Fuel: $413.38 / $5220.98
Food: $69.53 / $2634.76
Fun: $57.83 / $4975.07

Total for the week without fuel: $127.36
Total with fuel: $540.74
Total spent since the beginning: $12830.81

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $2925.40

E & M


The sketchy dam traverse when it’s windy!


Take a picture of this picture.. you don’t see Conrad with a beer very often!


The girls of Hueco !


Yummy cake!


The karaoke crew minus E


Keno is the shopkeeper’s dog.. super laid back


Bella posing and Diva photo bombing it like a pro


Killer cactus.. poked right through the sandals

photo 1

Jean with his fiance Kim (and the delicious tomatillo sauce!)

image_6(1) image_8 image_3(2) image_4(2) image_5(2) image(2) image_2(2) image_7(2) image_8(1) image(3) image_1(3) image_3(3) image_4(3) image_6(3)
image_8(2) image_9(1)
image_12 image_14 image_16


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