Blue skies and yep, 30 Celsius!

We may have finally driven far south enough to enjoy temperatures constantly above 20 degrees. In fact, it’s been almost 30 Celcius for the last 4 days… and we just love it! The forecast calls for similar temps for another while too.. keep them coming! There is very little shaded area here in the desert and  we kind of lost our tan so we will have to be extra careful to not get sun burns.

photo 2

Working on my tan!


We have sort of unlocked the good way to live in a van in Joshua Tree (or J-Tree like most people call it). By that I mean that we have all the basic needs covered: Water, Free camping/parking for the night, and Internet. We could use faster internet though.. it’s hard to find public wifi with download speeds above 100-150k/s. It’s usually closer to 20-50k/s so therefore we are falling behind on our TV shows! It also makes it painful to update the blog at times 😦

The bouldering here is beautiful. The grades are hard but if you can leave that aside and just enjoy the rock and the routes for what they are, it’s actually amazing. We hope to try some rope climbing at some point but to be honest, the crack climbing thing is quite intimidating. We will have to start with super easy non-sandbag stuff first…!


Elaine’s hands are really destroyed. Her fingertips are falling apart and she’s gonna have to do some magic if she wants to keep on climbing without dripping blood everywhere. I think she pushed it really hard on day 1 in J-Tree and wrecked her finger tips by shredding them on slab problems. All good though.. skin heals up better than tendons or else.

photo 1
We did a short hike on our day off to reach the top of Mt Ryan. It offered a good view of the climbing area and of the park itself. The map called for a 2-3 hours hike return but by running back down, we managed to do it in 1h15m .. that was fun 🙂 When it comes to hiking high, J-Tree doesn’t offer all that much. All the peaks are pretty low in elevation. Looks like we will have to focus more on climbing.

photo 3

We originally thought that we could go home early if we ran out of money but now that we have the dates set for Thailand, doing that would be pretty hard. We are hoping to spend some time in Quebec after the Thailand trip. When you add it up, it makes us go back in Edmonton around the end of June, which is the year end for the trip. We will have to be extra careful if we don’t want to end up having to eat pasta & rice all the time!! 🙂

Our  budget for this week is now $191.36 CAD for food & fun.

Jan 29 –Feb 4 : Weekly & Totals since we left 32 weeks ago.

Fuel: $111.50 / $4283.30  (Includes $68 for van insurance)
Food: $52.13/ $2171.74
Fun: $0 / $4751.29 (No fun!!)

Total for the week without fuel: $52.13
Total with fuel: $163.63
Total spent since the beginning: $11206.33

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $4549.88

E & M

photo (2)

Diva came for a visit!

photo 5

From the top of Mt Ryan


Score card of a friendly (or not so friendly.. I hate this guy) bouldering competition between me and Conrad.. He’s a sour looser so I let him win .. Climbing sucks.


J-tree feels like the tv show the Flintstones with the round rocks 🙂

photo (1) image_3 image_2 image


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