Short and sweet

We thought about doing a short blog just to mostly update you guys on the budget. We are kind of running behind a bit with our writing.

photo 3

Things are going good here for us. The weather is slowly improving and finding places to sleep is more or less an issue now. Joshua Tree Village offers amenities such as a laundromat, few coffee shop and stores but we mostly go to Yucca Valley for our errands, a 5 minutes drive. No dumpster diving possible at all here so we have to buy food. Fortunately for us, there is a Food 4 Less and a 99 cents Store in town!!! That will keep us happy and fed for our time here. Personal hygiene wise, there is a shower in the village, $4 for 7 1/2 minutes. As you can imagine, we aren’t going to pay for that so we only have been and plan on only sponge bathing. We are thinking about getting a shower bag, but not sure if we can afford one.. that Thailand trip put a big dent in the budget.. not to mention the 1.28 exchange rate right now..!

Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing place for its climbing but also for its unbelievable scenery. People come from everywhere to climb here. We meet all all kinds of people during our travels. Some of them were more like us, trying to have a good time climbing while improving their strength. Others were famous, old timer climber or very dedicated ones;people soloing long thin cracks and sending scary highballs. People climbing for a living, making video or photo shoots. We ran into a guy from Edmonton who used to work on the rig.. Dave. He came here on foot, hitchhiking his way down when possible. He now lives in a cave and lives to climb trying to keep it simple as much as possible. It’s awesome. Really dirt bagging it! That made us think that we are kind of living it up compare to a lot of people.


Living it up!


We also met a guy at the campground who had a Sprinter!!! Thanks to Conrad and Kristine, we were invited inside for a tour. We love it!!! We have always wanted a Sprinter but now we Really NEED a Sprinter 3500(4X4). We love our van and we are having an amazing time living in it,its very cozy!! But we just imagine how much more space we would have in a Sprinter. We’ll have to see how much money we have after the trip and how we feel about work and life.


Otherwise, we went on a short hike(10km) on our last day off. We were able to see some relics of an old gold mine(1892-1936). You can still see the structure of the mine and a few dug out holes. We took a few minutes to inspect those holes, making sure they didn’t left any gold behind.


Lost horse mine


On the climbing front,my fingers are still pretty bad. I keep leaving blood spots everywhere but I still go out there and try my best. If you have any tricks on how to build tougher skin please let me know! Mathieu’s pretty satisfied his new climbing shoes, more friction than the old pair with holes in them.


Not sure if I mentioned that before on the blog but I’m a bit worried about my intellectual activity level on this trip. I do read books,do crosswords and Sudoku but I guess these things can only help so much. I even asked Mathieu to question me on the multiplication table during the hike the other day. I’ll have to look into more brain games or something…

Hope you like reading us!

Our  budget for this week is now $185.02 CAD for food & fun.

Jan 22 – Jan 28 : Weekly & Totals since we left 31 weeks ago.

Fuel: $114.61 / $4171.80
Food: $55.77/ $2119.61
Fun: $88.58 / $4751.29 ($81.00 for Mathieu’s new climbing shoes)

Total for the week without fuel: $144.35
Total with fuel: $258.96
Total spent since the beginning: $11042.70

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $4713.51

E & M

photo 2(1)

We can make ice now!


Mathieu needs a hair cut!!!


vestige of an old house


Diva loves Mathieu sooo much!

photo 2


photo 1

Look at that crack!

photo 1(1) image



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