We are going to Thailand.. and yes it’s within our budget (hopefully!)

Elaine was gone for most of the week and since my hand was injured quite badly (self diagnosed tendon injury on two fingers), I didn’t do a whole bunch. I tried to not spend any money while she was gone. Besides the $15 I spent at the casino and some fuel for the van, I didn’t spend any money. It was quite similar for Elaine over in Quebec. Temperatures were super cold.. she mostly spent time with her family. OH! SHE HAD A BATH EVERYDAY!!! That’s something I haven’t had in a loonnngg time! One cool thing I did is I redeemed my voucher I won for a free buffet at Red Rock Casino. It was sooo good, just talking about it makes my mouth watery.

buffet montage

We like to be honest with ourselves and with the blog (you the readers!) and we are sort of not going to factor the cost of Elaine’s flight to Quebec within the cost of this trip. The reason is that we both received money for Christmas that we didn’t add to the trip budget and that money pretty much covers the cost of the flight. We are just calling it even.

Anyways, the climbing is back on even though the hand is not 100%. I have had a couple of tendon injuries before and my conclusions are that it never really heals up completely and that climbing on it after some rest, helps the healing process.

rock climbingbouldering

The dumpster has been providing like crazy with the latest booty being tons of bags of chips & a lot of peanut butter cracker snacks. Otherwise not to name them all but we found lots of potatoes, lots of frozen finger food, a few big garlic french breads, lots of veggies, tomatoes, a couple of yogourt parfaits, sushis and today, 5 dozens of eggs.

Dumpster diving booty

dumpster diving chips


The big news of the week is that we bought tickets to go to Thailand. We are going climbing in Tonsai (close to Krabi) for a month. We had to pull the trigger after seeing a flight that was $820 CAD per person from Montreal to Bangkok (all taxes included). We bought our own flights from Bangkok to Krabi with Air Asia for $85 return all in per person. There will be some other fees such as taxis from the airports and such but realistically, it should cost us less than $1000 CAD per person return which is super exciting.

Now here’s how we think we can afford this. We have a travel credit card that gives back 1.5% in travel money to use as we like. We have $650 that we can apply towards the Thailand trip. We will add that $650 to the trip budget and hopefully we will have enough money to sustain ourselves up until the trip departure. So far, the dumpster diving is doing absolutely fantastic. We are basically only spending money on fuel since we have all the food and alcohol that one needs(remember all those beers we found in the dumpster?!). All this is part of next week’s budget so we will have more numbers for you then.

Van living was a little more complicated last week though. I was kicked out twice out of parking lots while Elaine was gone. Once it was behind a Best Buy, a security guard with his K-9 came knocking at 7h30 AM. I was half awake when he came so that was fine, it just meant that I couldn’t park there again. The other one was a bit more brutal. Me, Conrad & Kristine were all parked at a casino nearby Red rocks and we were both awaken to brutal banging on the vehicles. He banged so hard on Conrad’s van, they though he was gonna break a window. That was at 00:30AM .. I was well asleep. It really sucked. I was able to spend the rest of the night in a strip mall nearby, parked underneath a “Max 2 hours” parking sign. Since then we found a spot about 10kms from the crag, on a street next to a Walmart. We should be fine there until our time in Vegas is up. It’s definitely a relief as it was getting stressful not knowing whether you were going to be able to have a good night sleep or not.

In some newer neighborhood, end of a road in construction did it for one night!

In some newer neighborhood, end of a road in construction did it for one night!

Our  budget for this week is now $226.89  CAD for food & fun. 

Jan 8 – Jan 14 : Weekly & Totals since we left 29 weeks ago.

Fuel: $71.40 / $3857.24
Food: $3.59/ $2031.67
Fun: $20 / $3506.04

Total for the week without fuel: $23.59
Total with fuel: $94.99
Total spent since the beginning: $9394.95

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $6361.26


Free food makes amazing dinners! We made some kind of a dutch oven to cook the garlic bread


Diva likes to ride with us now!




Buffet line up.. that’s how good this place is!


More free food


Little oil change on a side street


It wasn’t me!!


Teaching Bella how to rock climb 🙂


Diva can climb!!


We had them over for dinner.. and my hair is getting long!!!

image_4(3) image_5(3) image_9 image_6 image_5


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