Did someone say FREE BEER? And hasta pronto Elaine!

Dumpster diving is so crazy here you would have to see it to believe it. The stuff they throw out is plain unreal. Did someone say free beer? This week, we got about 75 beers out of the dumpster. Some of them were disposed of because the package was damaged and most of them were probably thrown out because they were “expired”. I knew beer had a shelf life in the grocery store but I didn’t think it was to the point of throwing it out at the 3 months mark. I feel like they should at least try to discount it or give it to their staff. I haven’t had a Guinness since we left and the one I just had was delicious! 3 x 12 packs of IPAs? Hell yeah!

On that same dumpster dive, we got much more stuff. A lot of the products we found had been disposed due to a container breaking inside the case. Instead of cleaning up the undamaged products, they just threw it out. We got much more Organic Maple Syrup than we can keep and eat, same situation with olives or Frank’s red hot sauce. There was about 10 cans of chicken soup, cheese strings and unfortunately, some broken glass, which gave me a good cut on the tip of my thumb.

Frying some dumpster diving veggies.. it`s awesome!

Frying some dumpster diving veggies.. it`s awesome!

So the other big news this week is that Elaine is gone. She went to her grand-mother funeral and will be back next week. So I went bouldering with Conrad and Kristine yesterday and I managed to hurt a couple of fingers pretty good it seems. Will be taking some time off and hopefully it’s nothing serious. That will teach me to think I can climb V8 🙂 In the mean time, squeezing anything with my right hand is out of the question. So today I did a whole lot of MyVegas 🙂

All four of us tried to do Birdland again but the line up for it was just ridiculous. We ended up doing another 5.7+ next to it. It wasn’t an epic but it was close 🙂 It took us a long time to do it all, mostly because the party ahead of us all wasn’t the fastest one. We actually had to rappel in the dark with cellphones as light sources. Furthermore, our rope almost got stuck while I was leading. The holds on the one pitch sort of stick out and the rock is very grippy. I must not have been careful enough with the rope drag and the rope ended up going sideways between two pieces of protection. I gave it one last shot before rapping off to release the rope, to realize that if I pulled hard enough with my legs, the rope could move. I pretty much had to use a prusik when Elaine started climbing to pull on her rope as it was destroying my shoulder & my arm to pull. Notably, it was our first time having to build trad anchors at the belays. It went very well and we hung on them quite a lot.. at least I did while belaying.

Before Kristine starts climbing towards Conrad

Before Kristine starts climbing towards Conrad

I went back to do Birdland with Elaine the other day. I knew there was a stuck Caming device on the route next to it and I was really hoping to go try to get it out but a party just ahead of us was able to release it. We arrived a little late and we had to wait for a few parties to get started before it was our turn. Ultimately it went fairly well as all parties were of 2 and the line up was moving quickly. The day before Elaine left we had another late start and got on a route called Tunnel Vision. Some kind of classic trad 3 stars route. We missed the proper start of the route and ended up going up a pitch of 5.9-5.10 sport climbing instead. It took me a while to get up there and Elaine was struggling with the backpack. Anyways we had to bail off this route but it was still fun. Now we know where the proper start is. Oh and to top if off, I found a trad quick draw on the belay ledge for the second pitch.

The warm weather is finally back! No need to do up the mummy sleeping bags all the way anymore at night and during the day we can wear shorts and climb shirtless again! I heard Elaine saying that it was -40c in Rouyn Noranda this morning… It’s a shame I couldn’t go with her!! 😉

Today I’m dog sitting Conrad & Kristine’s dogs. They are lovely and are quite easy to take care of. They only problem though is that they fart a lot!! I’m not kidding.. it’s like every 5-10 minutes one of them lets loose!

Conrad and Kristine making some monnney!

Conrad and Kristine making some monnney!

Our  budget for this week is now $ (we’re rich!) CAD for food & fun. 

Jan 1 – Jan 7 : Weekly & Totals since we left 28 weeks ago.

Fuel: $40.95 / $3785.84
Food: $54.49/ $2028.08 (includes $28 of propane)
Fun: $5.58 / $3486.04

Total for the week without fuel: $60.07
Total with fuel: $101,02
Total spent since the beginning: $9299.96

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $6456.25

E & M


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