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Short and sweet

We thought about doing a short blog just to mostly update you guys on the budget. We are kind of running behind a bit with our writing.

photo 3

Things are going good here for us. The weather is slowly improving and finding places to sleep is more or less an issue now. Joshua Tree Village offers amenities such as a laundromat, few coffee shop and stores but we mostly go to Yucca Valley for our errands, a 5 minutes drive. No dumpster diving possible at all here so we have to buy food. Fortunately for us, there is a Food 4 Less and a 99 cents Store in town!!! That will keep us happy and fed for our time here. Personal hygiene wise, there is a shower in the village, $4 for 7 1/2 minutes. As you can imagine, we aren’t going to pay for that so we only have been and plan on only sponge bathing. We are thinking about getting a shower bag, but not sure if we can afford one.. that Thailand trip put a big dent in the budget.. not to mention the 1.28 exchange rate right now..!

Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing place for its climbing but also for its unbelievable scenery. People come from everywhere to climb here. We meet all all kinds of people during our travels. Some of them were more like us, trying to have a good time climbing while improving their strength. Others were famous, old timer climber or very dedicated ones;people soloing long thin cracks and sending scary highballs. People climbing for a living, making video or photo shoots. We ran into a guy from Edmonton who used to work on the rig.. Dave. He came here on foot, hitchhiking his way down when possible. He now lives in a cave and lives to climb trying to keep it simple as much as possible. It’s awesome. Really dirt bagging it! That made us think that we are kind of living it up compare to a lot of people.


Living it up!


We also met a guy at the campground who had a Sprinter!!! Thanks to Conrad and Kristine, we were invited inside for a tour. We love it!!! We have always wanted a Sprinter but now we Really NEED a Sprinter 3500(4X4). We love our van and we are having an amazing time living in it,its very cozy!! But we just imagine how much more space we would have in a Sprinter. We’ll have to see how much money we have after the trip and how we feel about work and life.


Otherwise, we went on a short hike(10km) on our last day off. We were able to see some relics of an old gold mine(1892-1936). You can still see the structure of the mine and a few dug out holes. We took a few minutes to inspect those holes, making sure they didn’t left any gold behind.


Lost horse mine


On the climbing front,my fingers are still pretty bad. I keep leaving blood spots everywhere but I still go out there and try my best. If you have any tricks on how to build tougher skin please let me know! Mathieu’s pretty satisfied his new climbing shoes, more friction than the old pair with holes in them.


Not sure if I mentioned that before on the blog but I’m a bit worried about my intellectual activity level on this trip. I do read books,do crosswords and Sudoku but I guess these things can only help so much. I even asked Mathieu to question me on the multiplication table during the hike the other day. I’ll have to look into more brain games or something…

Hope you like reading us!

Our  budget for this week is now $185.02 CAD for food & fun.

Jan 22 – Jan 28 : Weekly & Totals since we left 31 weeks ago.

Fuel: $114.61 / $4171.80
Food: $55.77/ $2119.61
Fun: $88.58 / $4751.29 ($81.00 for Mathieu’s new climbing shoes)

Total for the week without fuel: $144.35
Total with fuel: $258.96
Total spent since the beginning: $11042.70

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $4713.51

E & M

photo 2(1)

We can make ice now!


Mathieu needs a hair cut!!!


vestige of an old house


Diva loves Mathieu sooo much!

photo 2


photo 1

Look at that crack!

photo 1(1) image


From one desert to another

Almost two weeks have gone by since we did our last post… We are kind of got busy I guess… Sorry! As you can imagine time and dates are very different for us now. Day of the week is irrelevant and we have to look at a calendar to know the date for sure.  Its really nice to be in some sort of 4th dimension where the clock isn’t ticking.

A few times in the last couple of weeks, we had to put the alarm on (6am) to get an early start. That was a bit of a pain! ELaine had a hard time and didn’t want to get up at all. We’ve been getting up with the sun for so long now, it’s hard to be “forced” to get up and get going so early.
It reminds us too much of the working life we left behind more than 6 months ago!!


image_5(1)We did a couple of trad climbs multi-pitch in Red Rocks National Park. We gave a second shot to Tunnel Vision(5.7+), the one we tried and didn’t finish a week or so ago. That route is different compared to anything we’ve climbed before. For one, the 5th pitch is a dark tunnel about 20m long. We actually brought headlamps to climb that one. Additionally, there was a lot of cheminey climbing/moves on this route. Definitely added some tools/skills to the toolbox. Lots of run out too but that was fine. The biggest thing was making sure I wasn’t leading my way up a cheminey that would have been offroute. When you have to build your own anchors, it’s not always clear where pitches begin and end. I definitely didn’t want to have to down climb what I was just about to go up on.

Tunnel Vision 5.6

The Tunnel!


The second one was another Red Rocks classic called Cat in the Hat(5.6). This one was pretty mellow but still a very nice day on the rock. Kind of nice to have those routes all to yourself. On that route, I managed to free a .4 Black Diamond cam with a 2013 date on the tag. The steel is bent on it from pulling hard to get it out but in my book, it’s definitely fine to use. To make thing better, I didn’t have that size in my rack. Elaine’s patience was tested during that time because I probably hung on that rock face for well over 30 minutes and she was just sitting at the anchor waiting for me.

cat in the hat

Best pitch of Cat in the Hat.. also where I found the Cam.


On the bouldering side, Elaine sent her second V5! An unnamed route in Kraft boulders. She almost sent a V6 too! She just need to work on her explosiveness!! My fingers are still bothering me a bit so I haven’t been bouldering much.

Elaine crushing a V5 :)

Elaine crushing a V5 🙂

Forgot to tell you that while Elaine was gone, I managed to lock the keys inside the van. I’m clearly useless when she’s not around!! Thankfully, Conrad had a metal clothes hanger and with a little prying of the door and something hard to keep it slightly open, it was quite easy to get the door to unlock. There’s always AAA (same as CAA or AMA) that we could have called but doing it yourself is quicker and rewarding.

We found a second plant in the dumpster. This time around it’s a mint plant. It smells awesome and we for sure will make mojitos at some point. By the way, our basil plant is still alive but not doing too good. I cut a lot of leaves thinking it would give it a second wind but nothing changed. We are giving it a lot of love and hope that it will come back to life soon!!!

This is how you do it.. !

This is how you do it.. !

After 6 months of the sink’s tap leaking, Elaine finaly got really tired of it and forced us to fix it. We didn’t want to invest a lot of money into that repair. So we went to Lowes and bought some PVC pipe. We created a new “very functional” tap and the whole thing cost less than $5!! You sometime have to be very creative when you live on the cheap!

Our new faucet!

Our new faucet!

The street we found to park at night has been working out. Nothing like having a good place to sleep at, without the stress of being waken up in the middle of the night and being asked to move elsewhere. To make things better, there was a Lowes at least a 100m away that we could pick up free wifi from. Free food from the dumpster, free wifi, good place to sleep, Las Vegas was getting really comfortable!

Working out in the side street next to Walmart

Working out in the side street next to Walmart

We knew that our time in Vegas was about to end and so we treated ourselves to a free buffet. We used up all the casino points to pay for it. The food was once again pretty good minus the fact that they didn’t have seafood. Elaine found enough vegetarian options to fill up her belly. It was nice to eat food that we didn’t have to prepare and cook for once.

All good things must come to an end.

Famous Rte 66

Famous Rte 66

We hit the road and headed towards Joshua Tree national park. We drove on a part of the famous road, Rte 66. It was a 200km extra but it was on Elaine’s bucket list. Sounds like it’s the first highway of the USA or something like that. Elaine was very disappointed by the lack of scenery but now we can say that we’ve been there. On the other hand, it made for a different route than the one we had been on before that goes from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. One super cool thing we saw on the way down was those MASSIVE solar electricity plants. I would be curious to hear how much power these things can produce. It’s just south of the Hoover Dam, which we have once again managed to not go see. That’s after 5 visits to Las Vegas 🙂 Same goes for the Grand Canyon. Maybe next time!


Our plan was to drive to San Bernardino and make a stop at the FiveTen outlet. The store is only open Thursday and Friday. I needed new shoes and so did The McFarlanes. We all slept in the parking lot of the store. We were waiting at the door when they opened it. I got a new pair of climbing shoes($59USD, regular $149), more aggressive this time. Elaine wanted to buy some climbing shoes too and but hers are still decent so she couldn’t justify the expense. I have such a reasonable girlfriend!

The 5.10 outlet/wharehouse.. awesome place!

The 5.10 outlet/wharehouse.. awesome place!

After our shopping spree, we all drove to Joshua tree Village to spend the night.  While on the freeway, we almost lost our maxi air vent. Conrad and Kristine were driving behind us and were able to alert us. We pulled over and tried to do a quick fix but decided to just take it off. We fixed it the next day. It is a bit of a challenge to repair the roof without a ladder but once again, we are very creative!!!


Later that day, we entered the park to attack the famous monzogranite of Joshua Tree. Wow that rock can be sharp! After only a couple of hours, Elaine’s fingertips were bleeding pretty good. The rock here is very similar to Bishop Buttermilks. It will take us a little to get use to again. The landscape here is pretty unique and beautiful. Like Red Rocks this place is mostly sand and a lot of it! There is also an infinite amount of Joshua trees and Yucca plants!!
There is a few free camping spots in the area but they all are at least 15-20 minutes away from the park. We think free camping in the park will be a bit of an issue but we are pretty smart and ingenious by now!


V4 Ghetto Booty


V4 Swinging Richard - 3 stars(out of 5) in chocolate boulders .. good route!

V4 3 stars .. good route!

The weather has been warmish for the last couple of days but the wind kind of ruins it. Hopefully, we’ll get nicer weather soon! It’s raining today so we can catch up with the online world,do some errands( no free food here so far) and laundry. Otherwise, life is good and we haven’t kill each other yet!!!! Elaine is sometimes a little bit anxious about what will happen to us after the trip…then she  drink a glass of wine and forget all about it!!!

The budget for last week is a bit over the top due to our tickets to Thailand…but we are trying pretty hard to stay within our budget for the rest of our trip. So far, we didn’t have to reallocate any money to the transport section but we might have to… we will see.

In our last post, I said that we would be increasing our total trip budget by $650 (by the time we redeemed, we actually had $700 to use!) to include the free travel money from the travel credit card. In the end we decided to not add the dollars we had accumulated to the total budget for the same reason that we didn’t add money to the budget when we redeemed the casino points for the free buffet. We’ll justify it by calling that the perks of being a smart spender. Sort of a free lunch for once.

So the total for the flight, for two people, taxes in, minus the $700 from the credit card, to fly from Montreal to Krabi, Thailand: $1131!!!!! Cheap is good!!

Lots of pictures below the budget.. Cheers!

Our  budget for this week is now $183.17 CAD for food & fun.

Jan 15 – Jan 21 : Weekly & Totals since we left 30 weeks ago.

Fuel: $199.95 / $4057.19 (includes 2 months of vehicle insurance, 1 x oil change)
Food: $32.17/ $2063.84 (includes $29.77 for propane)
Fun: $1124.50 / $4662.71 (Thailand trip minus some gains at casino!)

Total for the week without fuel: $1156.67
Total with fuel: $1356.62
Total spent since the beginning: $10783.74

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $4972.47

E & M


Pork Chop .. it`s the problem name.. come on. Super awesome V2-3

Attractive Brunette, V2 .. short and sweet!

Attractive Brunette, V2 .. short and sweet! .. in Chocolate Boulders

Joshua Tree national park

Joshua Tree


The Pirate Crew.. AAARRRRRRRR!

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree national park

Joshua tree national park

Joshua tree.. they grow in funny ways

stuck in between boulders

Help I’m stuck!!!

photo 1

Baking bread from dough.. Found a Pilsburry package you know where .. it worked!


It`s either that or run it out 20 meters.. 🙂


The entrance of “The tunnel” in Tunnel Vision. It`s about 15 feet tall.


Bella totally sleeping wherever she likes

photo 2

Girls trying to stay fit on the road while Conrad enjoys a cinnamon bun 🙂

image_3(2) image_1(2) image_4(1) image_7 image_5 image_4 image_2


The tunnel!

We are going to Thailand.. and yes it’s within our budget (hopefully!)

Elaine was gone for most of the week and since my hand was injured quite badly (self diagnosed tendon injury on two fingers), I didn’t do a whole bunch. I tried to not spend any money while she was gone. Besides the $15 I spent at the casino and some fuel for the van, I didn’t spend any money. It was quite similar for Elaine over in Quebec. Temperatures were super cold.. she mostly spent time with her family. OH! SHE HAD A BATH EVERYDAY!!! That’s something I haven’t had in a loonnngg time! One cool thing I did is I redeemed my voucher I won for a free buffet at Red Rock Casino. It was sooo good, just talking about it makes my mouth watery.

buffet montage

We like to be honest with ourselves and with the blog (you the readers!) and we are sort of not going to factor the cost of Elaine’s flight to Quebec within the cost of this trip. The reason is that we both received money for Christmas that we didn’t add to the trip budget and that money pretty much covers the cost of the flight. We are just calling it even.

Anyways, the climbing is back on even though the hand is not 100%. I have had a couple of tendon injuries before and my conclusions are that it never really heals up completely and that climbing on it after some rest, helps the healing process.

rock climbingbouldering

The dumpster has been providing like crazy with the latest booty being tons of bags of chips & a lot of peanut butter cracker snacks. Otherwise not to name them all but we found lots of potatoes, lots of frozen finger food, a few big garlic french breads, lots of veggies, tomatoes, a couple of yogourt parfaits, sushis and today, 5 dozens of eggs.

Dumpster diving booty

dumpster diving chips


The big news of the week is that we bought tickets to go to Thailand. We are going climbing in Tonsai (close to Krabi) for a month. We had to pull the trigger after seeing a flight that was $820 CAD per person from Montreal to Bangkok (all taxes included). We bought our own flights from Bangkok to Krabi with Air Asia for $85 return all in per person. There will be some other fees such as taxis from the airports and such but realistically, it should cost us less than $1000 CAD per person return which is super exciting.

Now here’s how we think we can afford this. We have a travel credit card that gives back 1.5% in travel money to use as we like. We have $650 that we can apply towards the Thailand trip. We will add that $650 to the trip budget and hopefully we will have enough money to sustain ourselves up until the trip departure. So far, the dumpster diving is doing absolutely fantastic. We are basically only spending money on fuel since we have all the food and alcohol that one needs(remember all those beers we found in the dumpster?!). All this is part of next week’s budget so we will have more numbers for you then.

Van living was a little more complicated last week though. I was kicked out twice out of parking lots while Elaine was gone. Once it was behind a Best Buy, a security guard with his K-9 came knocking at 7h30 AM. I was half awake when he came so that was fine, it just meant that I couldn’t park there again. The other one was a bit more brutal. Me, Conrad & Kristine were all parked at a casino nearby Red rocks and we were both awaken to brutal banging on the vehicles. He banged so hard on Conrad’s van, they though he was gonna break a window. That was at 00:30AM .. I was well asleep. It really sucked. I was able to spend the rest of the night in a strip mall nearby, parked underneath a “Max 2 hours” parking sign. Since then we found a spot about 10kms from the crag, on a street next to a Walmart. We should be fine there until our time in Vegas is up. It’s definitely a relief as it was getting stressful not knowing whether you were going to be able to have a good night sleep or not.

In some newer neighborhood, end of a road in construction did it for one night!

In some newer neighborhood, end of a road in construction did it for one night!

Our  budget for this week is now $226.89  CAD for food & fun. 

Jan 8 – Jan 14 : Weekly & Totals since we left 29 weeks ago.

Fuel: $71.40 / $3857.24
Food: $3.59/ $2031.67
Fun: $20 / $3506.04

Total for the week without fuel: $23.59
Total with fuel: $94.99
Total spent since the beginning: $9394.95

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $6361.26


Free food makes amazing dinners! We made some kind of a dutch oven to cook the garlic bread


Diva likes to ride with us now!




Buffet line up.. that’s how good this place is!


More free food


Little oil change on a side street


It wasn’t me!!


Teaching Bella how to rock climb 🙂


Diva can climb!!


We had them over for dinner.. and my hair is getting long!!!

image_4(3) image_5(3) image_9 image_6 image_5

Did someone say FREE BEER? And hasta pronto Elaine!

Dumpster diving is so crazy here you would have to see it to believe it. The stuff they throw out is plain unreal. Did someone say free beer? This week, we got about 75 beers out of the dumpster. Some of them were disposed of because the package was damaged and most of them were probably thrown out because they were “expired”. I knew beer had a shelf life in the grocery store but I didn’t think it was to the point of throwing it out at the 3 months mark. I feel like they should at least try to discount it or give it to their staff. I haven’t had a Guinness since we left and the one I just had was delicious! 3 x 12 packs of IPAs? Hell yeah!

On that same dumpster dive, we got much more stuff. A lot of the products we found had been disposed due to a container breaking inside the case. Instead of cleaning up the undamaged products, they just threw it out. We got much more Organic Maple Syrup than we can keep and eat, same situation with olives or Frank’s red hot sauce. There was about 10 cans of chicken soup, cheese strings and unfortunately, some broken glass, which gave me a good cut on the tip of my thumb.

Frying some dumpster diving veggies.. it`s awesome!

Frying some dumpster diving veggies.. it`s awesome!

So the other big news this week is that Elaine is gone. She went to her grand-mother funeral and will be back next week. So I went bouldering with Conrad and Kristine yesterday and I managed to hurt a couple of fingers pretty good it seems. Will be taking some time off and hopefully it’s nothing serious. That will teach me to think I can climb V8 🙂 In the mean time, squeezing anything with my right hand is out of the question. So today I did a whole lot of MyVegas 🙂

All four of us tried to do Birdland again but the line up for it was just ridiculous. We ended up doing another 5.7+ next to it. It wasn’t an epic but it was close 🙂 It took us a long time to do it all, mostly because the party ahead of us all wasn’t the fastest one. We actually had to rappel in the dark with cellphones as light sources. Furthermore, our rope almost got stuck while I was leading. The holds on the one pitch sort of stick out and the rock is very grippy. I must not have been careful enough with the rope drag and the rope ended up going sideways between two pieces of protection. I gave it one last shot before rapping off to release the rope, to realize that if I pulled hard enough with my legs, the rope could move. I pretty much had to use a prusik when Elaine started climbing to pull on her rope as it was destroying my shoulder & my arm to pull. Notably, it was our first time having to build trad anchors at the belays. It went very well and we hung on them quite a lot.. at least I did while belaying.

Before Kristine starts climbing towards Conrad

Before Kristine starts climbing towards Conrad

I went back to do Birdland with Elaine the other day. I knew there was a stuck Caming device on the route next to it and I was really hoping to go try to get it out but a party just ahead of us was able to release it. We arrived a little late and we had to wait for a few parties to get started before it was our turn. Ultimately it went fairly well as all parties were of 2 and the line up was moving quickly. The day before Elaine left we had another late start and got on a route called Tunnel Vision. Some kind of classic trad 3 stars route. We missed the proper start of the route and ended up going up a pitch of 5.9-5.10 sport climbing instead. It took me a while to get up there and Elaine was struggling with the backpack. Anyways we had to bail off this route but it was still fun. Now we know where the proper start is. Oh and to top if off, I found a trad quick draw on the belay ledge for the second pitch.

The warm weather is finally back! No need to do up the mummy sleeping bags all the way anymore at night and during the day we can wear shorts and climb shirtless again! I heard Elaine saying that it was -40c in Rouyn Noranda this morning… It’s a shame I couldn’t go with her!! 😉

Today I’m dog sitting Conrad & Kristine’s dogs. They are lovely and are quite easy to take care of. They only problem though is that they fart a lot!! I’m not kidding.. it’s like every 5-10 minutes one of them lets loose!

Conrad and Kristine making some monnney!

Conrad and Kristine making some monnney!

Our  budget for this week is now $ (we’re rich!) CAD for food & fun. 

Jan 1 – Jan 7 : Weekly & Totals since we left 28 weeks ago.

Fuel: $40.95 / $3785.84
Food: $54.49/ $2028.08 (includes $28 of propane)
Fun: $5.58 / $3486.04

Total for the week without fuel: $60.07
Total with fuel: $101,02
Total spent since the beginning: $9299.96

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $6456.25

E & M

Bye bye 2014

Happy 2015 to everyone!

2014 was a big year for us. We sold our restaurant, payed off our debts and started a new life on the road. We pushed the simple life a little bit further by embracing the van living for a year. We had such a great year! A lot of memories were made and that’s something we are definitely shooting for. We met awesome people and visited amazing places. We also had a few thougher episodes but those moments make you realize how lucky we are and how happy we are to be able to live the life we have chosen.

We are still in Las Vegas, the weather has been on the colder side again this week but temperature is warming up for next week. We are looking forward to do more (shirtless) climbing soon! This week was pretty “quiet”. We hiked up Turtle Head Peak sometime last week. A short hike with 600m of elevation gain with a rewarding view of Las Vegas and the desert around from the top. I (Mathieu) even acquired (but Elaine thinks I “stole” them) sunflowers seeds from the summit register box. It’s not clear who’s gift this was for but I figured I deserved it as much as anyone else… I guess I Probably should have left them here for the people who wrote comments such as “Loved the danger of this hike” or “First summit ever, hard but worth it” as it was neither the case in our opinion 🙂


Las Vegas from the summit of Turtle Head mtn

Las Vegas from the summit of Turtle Head mtn

Matt looking through the summit register box.. free sunflower seeds!

Matt looking through the summit register box.. free sunflower seeds!

Once again we cashed in on the MyVegas reward. We redeemed some points for a free hotel room and all we had to pay was $16.80 for the resort fee. The intention with this wasn’t so much to have a night at the hotel but rather to have a shower night. We told everyone about it and a total of 8 people were able to get cleaned up 🙂

Parking lot group picture

Parking lot group picture

I did a multi-pitch route with Conrad, his brother Corry and Cory’s friend Chris. It’s called Birdland 5.7+ trad in Pine Creek Canyon. It’s in the Red Rock canyon loop at the last pull-out. It’s a super popular route and there was 6 people ahead of us when we got there at 9:30am. It’s hard to start any earlier when the temperatures drop below freezing overnight. We decided to stick it out and wait our turn but in the end it was worth it. We were able to climb in the sun for 4 out of the 5 pitches. We were really hoping to do Epinephrine on this trip but it’s so cold in the shade that it’s probably going to have to wait for next trip. Oh and check this out. I was able to release a stuck Black Diamond Camalot #3. That’s $75+ for one of these bad boys.. I was pretty happy about that! Sounds like it’s mostly beginners that get stuff stuck. It must have been the case as the cam was in like new shape, minus the few dings I put on it by banging it with my nut tool 🙂

Two guys casually looking  at a guidebook...

Two guys casually looking at a guidebook…

belay ledge

Very busy belay ledge/station

Very busy belay ledge/station

On that day, Elaine & Kristine went for a hike with the dogs. Somewhere around 10 km long. The word is that the dogs(mostly Bella) didn’t want to keep going at the end and was looking for shade.. kind of funny.

Bella is sooo tired! Needs shade

Bella is sooo tired! Needs shade

For new years eve we all came down to the strip for some fun and games. We had a game of Catan with Cory as a guest of honnor. Unfortunately for him I was on fire and I won the game in a heartbeat. We then set off to go walk on the strip and later watch the fireworks launched from the top of various hotels. The whole strip had been blocked off to vehicule traffic and pedestrians took it over. It was so packed that in places you could hardly make your way through. Super fun. There were DJs playing for free, people preaching the lord, drunks and a ridiculous amount of police officers. We lost the “others” towards the end of the night and hopefully they had as much fun as we did dancing with our puffy jackets. The fireworks were a bit disappointing but still had a blast.

New Years Eve party members!

New Years Eve party members!

Alright. We had a major incident happened in the van. The following paragraph may be shocking to some people so readers beware. When we aren’t camping, we usually set-up the foldable toilet at night in the van and the business ends up in a double plastic bag that we dispose of afterwards. It was meant to happen someday since some of the clips that hold the toilet together are broken. Of course it had to happen after Elaine had gone before me to do her business. I went to do mine and you know it, the seat collapsed and I landed butt first in what you would normally be flushing down. Simply disgusting!! Needless to say that it turned into a laundry day immediately.

The weather is finally getting better and hopefully we will be able to climb a bunch of stuff this week. Well Elaine is probably going to go to Quebec for a funeral but the dates aren’t set yet.

Gambling. We are doing good… I think this week we actually made money. Like $2 🙂 We won a pretzel and also a free buffet for one person. Sounds like I’ll be the one taking advantage of it unless we can score another one today.

More pictures below the budget. Cheers!

Our  budget for this week is now $212.19 (we’re rich!) CAD for food & fun. 

Dec 25 – Dec 31 : Weekly & Totals since we left 27 weeks ago.

Fuel: $58.50 / $3744.89
Food: $94.34/ $1973.59 (includes $28 of propane)
Fun: $29.58 / $3480.46

Total for the week without fuel: $123.92
Total with fuel: $182.42
Total spent since the beginning: $9198.94

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $6557.27

E & M


image_5(1) image_4(1) image_1(1) image_7 image_6 Las vegas baby! image_4 hiking Turtle head mountain image_3(2) image_1(2)

Dancing outside with live DJ

Dancing outside with live DJ


Busy strip

Busy strip

The route we climbed is left of that left arch.

The route we climbed is left of that left arch.