The highlight of last week has to be the amount of food we were able to retrieve from the garbage bins. And there was a lot more there than we could ever eat between the two of us. Many visit to the dumpster had been resulting in empty hands before the last few days. Obviously it’s hit and miss and it may have to do with other people simply stopping by before we get a chance to take a look at it. Whatever the reason for the abundance this week, we are now sitting on a large amount of food. We only take what we think we can eat in the amount of time the food is expected to be good as many things are already past their best before date.

If you read last week’s blog, well we are still eating shredded cabbage. 5 lbs of this green vegetable will last a long time! Well we ate more than 5 lbs as we ended up finding another of those bags. It means cabbage every day, sometimes twice a day. Our favorite recipe is to put half a cup of water in a pot and boil down a ton of it. We add other vegetables that are on hand and season it with soy sauce or simply add a touch of butter to give it a saute taste. Cook up some pasta or some Quinoa on the side, mix it in and enjoy!

Here’s a list of what we salvaged this week.

  • Over 5 lbs of sweet potatoes
  • About a dozen roma tomatoes
  • Two packs of individually packaged yogourt
  • 4 cantaloupe (or 5? Lost track.. we are eating one a day pretty much!)
  • Bananas
  • 7 dozens of eggs
  • 1 Macaroni salad, 2 Potato salads (Hoping to give one away.. not my fave!)
  • Strawberries
  • 2 lbs of Grapes
  • 2 veggie trays with dip
  • 1 litre of milk (there was soo much more but one can only drink that much “expired” milk when you’re unable to freeze it)
All from one visit to the dumpster!

All from one visit to the dumpster!

Full fridge!

Full fridge!

There was also two nice pieces of steak that looked really good but in the end I didn’t dare eating them. There was a bit of a smell in one of them after opening the package so I wasn’t going to eat that one for sure. The other one though smelled fine. I cooked it up and the only problem I could see with it was with the edges that must have been somewhat dry as they remained red. If anyone has expertise with dumpster diving and eating meat past it’s best before or freeze by date, please get in touch. This morning there was a lot of breakfast sausage but I left it there. Maybe next time I’ll grow the courage to bake some.

Last week was the American Thanksgiving. Bishop got quite busier at the climbing areas and in town too. We were invited to a potluck at the pit campground and although we arrived a bit too late for the dinner, we had a good time hanging out at the fire. They had a log burning in the upright position and it’s called a Swedish log candle. It’s perfect for bonfires with lots of people. It burns for a while and gives out a nice heat at a higher height than a regular fire would. Definitely going to try it out myself someday.

Ali from saudi arabiaWe made friend with a guy from Saudi Arabia. A few things stood out from the discussions we had with him but the one that stroke us the most was that fuel for car costs $0.08/Liter over there. He fills up his car for $6 or so! It doesn’t take anything away from the niceness of our new friend Ali but all these things you may have heard about women rights there.. well they are true.  You can’t do much on your own if you’re a girl. No driving, no traveling. You should simply wrap your head around the fact that being a housewife is what’s waiting for you ahead. For all we know, they might simply be happy about it.

Double checking all the receipts with our Credit card statement

Double checking all the receipts with our Credit card statement

Yesterday was rainy and cold. We indulged ourselves with a cup of tea. A paid cup of tea. It’s the first time since we left Edmonton that we go out for a cup of joe. It was a busy place and many of the faces from the potluck were present, looking for some free internet and a warm place to kill the day. We took the opportunity to pay some bills and take care of some administrative stuff. Life still goes on when you’re a trip and you have to take care of some stuff once in a while.


We went for an overdue shower/bath this morning at Keough’s hot ditch and we are all nice and clean and not smelly anymore 🙂

Elaine taking a bath at Keough's hot ditch. Only minutes away from Bishop

Elaine taking a bath at Keough’s hot ditch. Only minutes away from Bishop

We also watched all of the episodes of the Walking Dead. I’m not going to give you a full review on this but if someone could find a cure or just kill them all, it would be nice to wrap this up. Next on the list is Dexter but we might take a break from TV shows before we start watching that one.

More pictures below the budget. Cheers!

Our  budget for this week is now $198.03 CAD for food & fun. 

This week would have been ultra cheap if it wasn’t for the need to buy me a new harness. It cost $67.07. There will be a need for some new climbing shoes in the short term too so hopefully we can keep on feeding ourselves for really cheap.

Nov 27 – Dec 3 : Weekly & Totals since we left 23 weeks ago.

Fuel: $0 / $3534.35
Food: $37.26 / $1712.11
Fun: $70.46 / $3301.20

Total for the week without fuel: $107.72
Total with fuel: $107.72
Total spent since the beginning: $8547.66

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $7208.55

E & M

Dumpster dive result

Result of another dumpster dive

sweet potatoes

Sweeeeet potatoes.. even sweeter when they’re free!!

cheap bread

Yup, two days old bread goes for $0.35 at a local bakery.

party tray!

We found two of these bad boys.. tomatoes were questionable but the rest was awesome. Not to mention the ranch dip.. so yummy and that one is good until January 2015!

free water

Our drinking water source.. a tap behind a gas station 🙂

The pit near bishop

The campground where we had the potluck… it’s called The Pit and it costs $2/night per car to camp there.. cheap !

wilderness Pedicure


Belay glasses

[Our neck is] Loving the belay glasses!

Lalaland & From chocolate to morphine, Owen's river gorge.

I’m on the left of the red shirt.. I’m on Lalaland 11c and the red shirt is doing another great route called From chocolate to Morphine 11d




2 thoughts on “Cornucopia

    1. Matt Post author

      It’s crazy man. Tonight we found 2 cherry pies and I almost ate all of one. So stuffed right now 🙂

      But seriously there’s so much waste. Lots of the stuff doesn’t even have a clearance sticker on it. It just goes from good to sell one day to cannot sell next day.



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