Dirtbagging skills (… Dumpster diving!)

All layered up… it gets chilly at times!

We are still in Bishop and still loving it here! The weather is a little cooler now…nights are sometimes below freezing. Climbing in the shade is a bit cold and you for sure need a thick jacket but in the sun it’s pretty good. We have been bouldering quite a bit more lately, our  fingers skin is having it pretty rough so we took more rest days than usually. Elaine did her first ever V4 “Beer tumor Right” and is now working on a V5 with Kristine. After a few days, I finally sent “The Hulk” V6 and now working on a V7. It’s all very exciting!!!

Heavenly Path (V1 highball) in Happy boulders

Heavenly Path (V1 highball) in Happy boulders

Elaine working Solarium, a classic V4

Elaine working Solarium, a classic V4

We have added a new tool the our box of “how to dirtbag it”. As the title says it, we have tried and succeeded at dumpster diving. Don’t over think it, dumpster diving is what it is, looking for stuff that is still good to use or eat in a garbage bin. It may be frowned upon by society in general but for having talked about it with other climbers who are living on a small budget/in a van, dumpster diving is pretty amazing. It does feel awkward to do it in public and in broad daylight but it’s totally worth it and sort of feel like winning at the lottery 🙂

At first I didn’t think about it, but dumpster diving (aka Freeganism) helps reducing food waste. It doesn’t take much for a produce to get discarded,a little black spot or a bruise. We also witnessed grocery store staff filling up carts with almost expired/ day old bread, pastries and cold cuts and throwing it all in the dumpster ….it really makes you think about waste/environment and what you can do as an individual to reduce it. Over the last week, we have had good luck finding products that were just about past their “best by” date. Here is what we were able to salvage:

  • 2 x 2 Litres of Orange Juice
  • Much more bread than we were able to eat or give away
  • Over 5 lbs of tomatoes
  • 1  giant honeydew
  • 1 cantaloupe( Elaine couldn’t find anything wrong with it…it was delish!)
  • MANY dozens of eggs
  • yam potato
  • 5lbs of frozen chicken breast (cooked it all, have been eating it for two days.. all good!)
  • 4 packs of “Donettes
  • A full game of Pictionnary

I wish we could do more dumpster diving but most places either lock up their bins or use a compactor. In any case we are saving a bunch of money and it’s kind of fun to eat random things.

Otherwise life is still good. In anticipation of the Xmas holidays, we bought and installed some LED Christmas lights. They look awesome and provide a warm & low power light source. I only wish they would blink to make it awesomer 🙂

Christmas lights

As usual, more pictures below the budget with some captions

Our  budget for this week is now $190.92 CAD for food & fun

Nov 13 – Nov 19 : Weekly & Totals since we left 21 weeks ago.

Fuel: $79.10 / $3454.04
Food: $53.69 / $1623.59 (Includes $16.95 for propane)
Fun: $40.55 / $3213.98 (bought a 26oz of Bacardi Rum with a $2 off coupon.. cost $8 USD!)

Total for the week without fuel: $94.24
Total with fuel: $173.34
Total spent since the beginning: $8291.61

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $7464.60

E & M

bishop gravel road

Improving the road by digging out a boulder.. you don’t want to puncture your oil pan out in the sticks

best picture of me

My best picture .. 🙂

volanic tuff

Elaine being pretty in the hueco 🙂

van living

Killing time doing some Sudoku or something like that

Boxer dog

Bella, also known as Shit-Face McFarlane .. dogs just love eating poo

boxer dog

Diva, aka the Other Shit-face McFarlane


First flapper of the trip 😦

image_1(1) image(1) image_6 image_5 image image_1 image_3 image_4 photo 5 photo 4(1) photo 2(1) image_3(2) image_2(2) image_1(2) image(2) photo 1(1) photo 2(2)


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