Sun, coffee and climbing

Wow we are kind of wordless this week. We are really starting to settle into a routine that we really like.

As dreadful as mornings were when we used to work, waking up is now something we’ve come to really like. We go to bed fairly early around 9-10 pm.. and we sleep until the sun rises around 7 am. The thing here is that so far, morning are absolutely gorgeous, there are never any clouds and hardly any wind. As the nights are fairly cool, reaching around freezing temperatures, the feeling of warmth from the sun coming out is peaceful and comforting. So after making coffee, we will sit somewhere outside or in the front driver seats, enjoy the view, listen to a great local radio station while slowly sipping on our cups. This will usually go on for while and at some point we will then cook breakfast, always consisting of 3 eggs each and served most of the time in a wrap in the form of a burrito. And by then it’s now at least 10 am. Time to start thinking about what we are going to do that day, pack up our stuff, some snacks for the lunch and go out and do our things.

photo (32)

The sun sets pretty early now and by 5:30 pm, you would better be on your way back to the van already otherwise you will need a headlamp to see where you’re going. Evenings are pretty random. Some nights we will have a glass of wine (or two…), some nights we are with Conrad and Kristine and will play a game of Settlers of Catan or go to the Hot Springs, other nights we will go shopping, get some water, or move closer to where we’re going to spend the day tomorrow. At least the options are many around here when it comes to parking for the night.

This life here is very simple, living on very little. Yet, it is so nice to be free to do as we like all the time. Sure we do wish we could enjoy some more of the material or comfort things but in the end, the advantages sure outweigh the inconveniences.

We had a few days off last week and we were given the tour of a nearby real hot spring by Conrad & Kristine. These hot springs are unlike anything we’ve seen before. They are of a simple design in a semi-wild environment. There’s a gravel road to go to it and there is a man made pool the size of a small hot tub with a tap to regulate the amount of new hot water to let into the pool. It can accommodate around 6 people and the best of it all is that there is no cost to it. Absolutely free.

Shepherd Hot Springs

Shepherd Hot Springs

Climbing in the Gorge is awesome!!  The Gorge is separated in 4 areas, so far we visited only two of them. The rock here is different and  we are now more used to it. Most of the routes that we had climbed so far are beautiful lines (we try to stick with the 4-5 stars).  Some routes are so long that you need a 70m rope + the stretch to make it to the bottom.  Those longer routes are good for the endurance.  We really enjoy it here.

Central Gorge

Central Gorge

Quick news!

  • Conrad found some engineered wood 2×6 and we cut some pieces to carry with us… we sleep level all the time now!
  • The mixed veggies we added to the can of tomato sauce had potatoes in it.. tasted funny with the pasta 🙂
  •  We are dirtier than ever as it is so dusty around here, yet we are cleaner than ever as we hit the hot springs frequently!

More photos below with some captions.. Cheers!

Our  budget for this week is now $187.90 CAD for food & fun

Nov 6 – Nov 13 : Weekly & Totals since we left 20 weeks ago.

Fuel: $33.90 / $3374.94
Food: $104.17 / $1569.90
Fun: $8.56 / $3173.43

Total for the week without fuel: $112.73
Total with fuel: $146.63
Total spent since the beginning: $8118.27

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $7637.94

E & M

Driving on one of many rough dirt roads around bishop.

leveling blocks

Our new leveling blocks.. made at no cost using a Dollarama saw!


Men at work… thanks for the planks Conrad!

Central gorge descent

The actual approach/descent into Central Gorge. It’s not as bad as it looks as most of the loose stuff is not where you step.


The view once you reach the bottom of the Gorge

photo 5


photo 4

Living the life on a mellow morning

image_6 image_2


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