California rocks

There’s no other way to put it. Rock climbing & bouldering in Bishop, California is the bomb. Originally we only planned on doing one week in Bishop but now we are looking at staying for at least a month. I’m going to try to describe briefly what it’s like to be here be telling you about our last week.

The van is doing better than ever. Not wasting anymore propane to the leak is awesome. We had some colder evenings and nights here so we have been using that bonus propane to keep ourselves warm with the furnace. Besides the evenings, the days are really warm. It’s probably going up to 25 celcius. Weatherwise, this is what we had been hoping and looking for so we are extremely happy about it.

We rope climbed only for one day so far but let me tell you that it was super duper. The area is called Owen’s River gorge. The guidebook give stars to the routes and we only climbed routes with 3 to 5 stars (5 is the most). The 5 star one was splendid and we cannot wait to climb more of them.

Cake in a panAs the weather was a bit cooler for a few days, we decided to go bouldering not too far from the rope climbing area. That spot is called the Buttermilks. We did that for the last three days and today was our rest day. No more skin left on the fingertips! We were able to meet up with Conrad and Kristine and that’s always a good time. They baked a cake in a pan to try it out (based on our initial success) and that was a big hit. It made a massive amount of cake but somehow there was no leftover 🙂 One notarious moment was when Conrad flipped the caked in the pan to cook the top a little more.  He pulled it off like a pro and the caked was cooked to perfection throughout.

bishop boulderingbishop - bowling pin

wilderness toiletCamping is free and each crag have a few camping options. Most importantly, there is free camping. It’s dispersed camping so there isn’t any running water, facilities or even garbage bins. Using the washroom involves digging a hole 6 inches deep.. it’s not that bad. The worst about it is the dust.. very sandy in Bishop and we’are always dusty.

franzia wine in a boxThe deal of the week was a 5 Liters of wine-in-a-box made named Franzia. We had seen in many times for a low price since we entered the USA but never dared trying it. As Canadians, that much wine for $11 USD can only rhyme with disgusting. Anyways, we tried it and honestly, it’s the best bang for the buck when it comes to wine. It has 12.5% alcohol so it’s real wine. The only better deal for alcohol beverages is strong alcohol. Today we saw a 60 oz of Bacardi Rum for $17. Crazy… 3 times cheaper than Canada. I don’t understand how come everyone isn’t drunk all the time down here.. 😉

Tonight we are going to a family dinner/night thing put on by a local on a weekly basis. Will tell you more next time about it but it sounds like it’s oriented towards climbers and it’s close to being a pot luck but not quite.

Random pictures from this week are below the weekly budget. This week we added captions below some pictures.

Our  budget for this week is now $185.62 CAD for food & fun

Oct 30 – Nov 5 : Weekly & Totals since we left 19 weeks ago.

Fuel: $167.25 / $3341.04 ($98 USD for mechanic last week)
Food: $108.38 / $1465.73
Fun: $45.08 / $3164.87 ($36 CAD for guidebook)

Total for the week without fuel: $153.46
Total with fuel: $320.71
Total spent since the beginning: $7971.64

Total budget: $15756.21
Budget left: $7784.57

E & M


This is how you cut your hair on the road!!!


Famous Ironman Traverse V4

photo 1

Not that easy to gather firewood in the desert..

photo 4

Elaine carrying the gigantic bag of tortilla chips


What a view…tough life!


Diva having trouble dealing with the heat


Working on V9 Soul Slinger


photo 3
image_3 image_2


4 thoughts on “California rocks

  1. Serge

    Salut vous deux ! La belle vie quoi ! Profitez-en ! Belles photos ! Ici ça va, le dossier jardin est fermé. Ne reste plus qu’à attendre la neige. Daniel et Ginette sont en route for Florida. Je continues à vous suivre religieusement. Take care! Sergio di Milano…


  2. Stu.

    Miss you guys!! Looks like the trip is turning out exactly as hoped, lots of high adventure!! Always awesome to read updates, almost makes me wanna visit the States with my mountain bike sometime in the not too distant future!!


    1. Matt Post author

      Hey Stu, trip is going awesome. Especially now that we are back in +20c temps! I hope everything is going well for you too.

      Lots of mountain biking down south I hear!



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