Tight budget and rainy days..

Financially, this week was though. The exchange rate isn’t doing too great for us at 1.13. To make thing worst, we sort of got ripped off by the propane guy. We ran out of propane one morning and we went to Leavenworth to look for a refill. The propane was pricier than what we usually pay but how the guy got us is that he overfilled our propane tank. We usually pay about $25 CAD for a fill up and it cost us double of that this time around. The overfill made it so that much propane leaked out through the valve and overflow valve. It also made us realize that we have a minor permanent leak around the valve and we will be looking for a place to get that replaced. So we started the week with a around $100 USD.

We came close to starting the week with $0 as we got pulled over by the police on Icicle rd, the main road to access the climbing area. Allegedly we were going 42 miles per hour in a 35 miles zone. I used the good old excuse that miles/h and km/h are confusing for us canadians but she wasn’t impressed. Nonetheless, she let us go with a verbal warning “because all our paperwork was in good order”. Funny thing is that although she asked for my drivers license, and not that there was anything wrong with it, I told her it was in the back of the van and she didn’t ask me to go get it. We may have taken the bullet for Jimmy Webb as he was right behind us when it happened.

Bouldering was the thing for the rest of our time in Leavenworth. We made some friends at the parking lot and had a really good day pulling harder than what we are used to. That day was the day I set to make it up this highball problem. It looked really aesthetic and all the moves looked quite doable, even on sight. Grade is V3 and the height is around 25 feet. It’s called The Sword. The descent uses a tree… kind of cool. Elaine didn’t want to watch me go up on it at first but she manned up and filmed me going up. On that day Elaine sent a V3, I sent a V6, The Hourglass, and came really close to sending a V8, Resurrection, but I messed up the last move. I hoped to go back and finish it later but as the weather didn’t cooperate for the rest of the week, that will have to be for another time. Elaine has been trying hard as well to do the Real Thing at V4 but couldn’t quite unlock it. Only a matter of time, aka next time we are in Leavenworth.

Stove top pizzaWe experienced a little more with stove top baking/cooking and we tried cooking a pizza using our recently acquired baking sheet. Well we have a winner. We had to turn the pan around a few times to get the dough and the cheese to cook evenly but in the end, the bottom was crispy and the cheese all melted. It somehow made living in the van much more enjoyable by eating such a comforting meal.

catan in the vanConrad & Kristine ended up making it to Leavenworth but unfortunately the weather was quite bad when they got there. We made the best out of it and managed a day and a half of bouldering. We played a couple of games of Catan and made cake twice. Only because I burnt the first batch. I haven’t quite mastered the art of stovetop baking yet. There was a fair amount of van porn action happening.. and by that I mean exchanging beta on how to live in a van.

image_6(1) image_7(1)

image_4(1) image_3(1)
The Germans

Our new friends from Munich and their wolf dog.

So a few days ago we got tired of the rain and set off to Terrebonne to climb in Smith Rock State Park. We climbed with friends from Leavenworth, Jakub and Solveig(traverlers from Germany). They’re quite good climber and Jakub is crazy strong. He sent a 5.13b before our eyes after working it only twice before. Elaine had a little bit of break down on the climbing front. Her head wasn’t there after not having been on the sharp end of a rope for a while. She got back into it the next day and there’s still hope for her climbing future 🙂

image_9(1) image_11

cheap fuelOn the way down here, we were able to fill up on a reserve at the crazy low price of $2.69/Galon. We were only able to put 8 gallons in but that was pretty nice.

Unfortunately the weather isn’t so hot either here in Terrebonne, Oregon. We will keep pushing south today towards California, where the sun is shining, and the clouds are something they have heard of but aren’t sure they really exist. I did manage to climb shirtless for a couple of hours the first day here, but yesterday was chilly and it was full long johns climbing weather.

Next stop is was going to be Truckee, California but man this weather is not so good once again. We have three options now. Go to Lake Tahoe, go to Yosemite or screw it all and head for the desert towards Bishop where the good weather is pretty much guaranteed.

Random pictures from this week are below the weekly budget.

Our weekly budget is now $169.41 CAD for food & fun.

As we are compiling and writing all these numbers, we just realized that Elaine got confused with the exchange rate and short changed us about $18 for the week. That’s like 10% of our budget! No more booze for her when counting 😉

Oct 16 – Oct 22 : Weekly & Totals since we left 17 weeks ago.

Fuel: $134.80 / $2842.41
Food: $139.18 / $1292.63 (includes propane)
Fun: $11.13 / $3114.57 (Crash pad, belay glasses, travel medical insurance, weren’t accounted for in Fuel, Food or Fun. Now the three totals should add up to the total spent)

Total for the week without fuel: $150.31
Total with fuel: $285.11
Total spent since the beginning: $7249.61

Total budget: $15336.49
Budget left: $8086.88

E & M

image_10(1) image_2

image_8(1) image_5(1)


Rainy days

Rainy days




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