Mother of all coincidences

Leavenworth is known for the bouldering and its amazing outdoor but mostly for the Oktoberfest!! It’s a 6 days German Style beer festival that spreads throughout the month of October. The town of 2000 people turns into a 20000 tourists packed village. It’s madness!!! People everywhere with hats and costume, even protesters use the town for various causes.

Eat my pretzel he said!

Eat my pretzel he said!


Due to our limited budget, we weren’t able to participate that much or access the festival ground($20+ just to get in) but decided to treat ourselves to a beer at the local brewery, Icicle Brewery. The place was packed with drunk people playing games like pretzel toss or doing yodeling challenges… We shared our table with Shawn, a local guy who manages a zip line center and also works as a raft guide and in the winter he happens to work at the same brewery we were having a beer at. We spent most of the evening talking away and drinking beer. He also invited us to try zip lining…”not really our thing but thanks anyway!!!”. Before leaving he went back in to get himself one last drink, only to come out with a pitcher for us to share with him. That was extremely nice of him. We also met a guy that asked us if we had a gun…Elaine quickly replied..”NO we are from Canada!!” We thought that was pretty funny! After the crazy weekend, the town went back to the usual quietness…and we carried on with our simple life.


That’s what you see after hiking up an hour

Leavenworth climbing is much more oriented towards the Bouldering and the Trad climbing than the Sport climbing. After having done two, one hour long approaches, and descents that were just as long and failing at even finding the trail to another crag combined with a forecast calling for potential rain, we were more keen to focus on our bouldering skills. We had good luck until now finding people to boulder with but it wasn’t like we could really go on our own without a crash pad. The week-end crowd also was all gone and the bouldering areas are a lot quieter, making it more difficult to seek people and their pads to climb with and crash on.

So we set off on a mission to find ourselves a crash pad. We inquired at Leavenworth Mountain Sports if they would sell one of their crash pad rentals but they weren’t done renting them for the season. In the mean time Elaine was looking online to see if we couldn’t find something used for sale in a nearby city. Ultimately, Matt the shop keeper agreed to sell us one of his own. It wasn’t the mother of all deal but at $100 USD we could now go out bouldering in a much safer way. He was kind enough to hook us up with a free hat from the shop and we added a sticker from the store to the back of the van. So thanks a lot to all the guys at Leavenworth mountain sports!! If you come to Leavenworth make sure to stop by their shop!!

Broken French pressNow let me tell you about the last crazy cool thing that happened to us. It began when I broke our coffee making tool, the french press. It’s made with glass and it broke after dropping it down. we actually dropped that thing on the floor about 5 times already and were, I guess, very lucky to still have it four months into our trip. The thing is we forget to put it away in the morning and leave it on the counter, only to slide off of it when we slow down with the van. But that morning, we ran out of luck. … So we went on a hunt to find a replacement(Who can live without coffee??? Not us for sure!!) in this small town. We tried looking in town but the price was outrageous($25-$30+).It’s a very tourist town and all the shop are tourists trap. The last spot to check out was at the thrift store. They didn’t have any but one lady who worked there offered us to give us her own if we were fine with meeting up with her later in the evening. Of course we took the offer and were amazed(once again!!!) at how nice people are around here. We gave her $3 for it, which she was going to give to the food bank in return!!!

So here is the crazy coincidence. Had I not broken the french press, had Elaine not spotted the thrift store in town, had I not spent 15 minutes talking to my mom on the phone, the following might have never happened! As we were walking back towards the van, we heard some people shooting MATHIEU with a french accent and waving at us from their van. It was our friends Luc and Suzanne from Calgary, in their sweet van! They knew we were in Leavenworth and the weather was nice here so combined with them having a few days off, they came down here to do some climbing and kept an eye out for us. That was fantastic to see familiar faces!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt must have been two years since we last saw them. It was awesome to catch up!We spent the day bouldering around and exploring the routes around the campsite. Elaine sent her first V2 on sight and that was really nice. Pretty high and very slabby. Luc got a video of me doing it afterwards and it made me really proud of her for on sighting that thing. Falling wasn’t an option 🙂 In the end we all pushed ourselves and our fingertip skin was all really sore and much thinner. We drank some cheap wine but still tasty and played some Catan!!!

Rain on the forecast today …spending some more quality time in a library!!!


Elaine on top of her V2 route

Elaine on top of her V2 route

Below is video of me going up that same V2 as above.

Quick News:

-Favorite route sent so far The Real Thing, Forestland area. Elaine is working on it.
-Elaine sat next to James Webb at the library today… And he parks in the same spot as us overnight.. We are like neighbors 😉
-We climbed a 7 pitches route called Condorphamine Addiction 5.10b.
-Pay cheques are apparently in the mail from grape picking.. we are just about to be rich!
-$3 wine is really tasty. We are going to buy more.
-You can’t do microwave pop corn in a pan.
-We were hoping to meet up with Conrad and Christine but they are delayed coming to Leavenworth and we have to keep on trucking at some point. It’s going to have to be for next time.
-Made more of the sponge cake in a pan and it was awesome. Even awesomer as we added chocolate chips to it.
-We laughed when the portable toilet ran out of paper and we could hear people tearing pages from a glossy magazine that had been sitting in there for a week.

Random pictures from this week are below the weekly budget.

Our weekly budget is now $168.88 CAD for food & fun.

The exchange rate isn’t working in our favor right now. We paid 1.14 and if we were to take some more money out right now it would be 1.16. On the flip side gas is going down a lot.
Oct 9 – Oct 15 : Weekly & Totals since we left 16 weeks ago.

Fuel: $0 / $2707.61
Food: $76.03 / $1153.45
Fun: $25.89 / $984.39

Total for the week without fuel: $101.92
Total with fuel: $101.92
Total of big ticket items not part of weekly budget: $114 (Crash pad)

Total spent since the beginning: $6964.50
Total budget: $15336.49
Budget left: $8371.99


















One thought on “Mother of all coincidences

  1. Sylvie

    vous etes tellement beau a voir, j’espĂšre que vous allez continuer a ĂȘtre aussi heureux dans la suite de votre voyage, Gros bisous a vous deux. Je vous aimes gros.



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