Wedding week end!



Newlyweds in a beautiful setting with awesome weather


The main event of the week-end was the wedding of our friends Matt & Lynsey. For the occasion, our friends Jane & Mitchel from Squamish came to Canmore. WE LOVE WEDDINGS and were delighted to be part of the celebration. Lots of dancing might be the best way to describe the evening party. Elaine even got blisters on her feet from grooving too much, she’s quite the dancer 🙂 Congrats again to Matt and Lynsey!!

All faring well after an evening of partying 🙂

Since Mitch & Jane arrived a day early, we joined them on a hike, Heart mountain. It was very nice to spend some time as we hadn’t seen them in a long time, and whenever we did, I don’t think it was for a long period of time. We had them over for dinner in the van after the hike and we played a game of Settlers of Catan. It’s a bit tight but quite comfortable still.


Just about on top of Heart mtn


Us and our guests in the van playing catan after dinner! It was awesome even though Mitch won.

On Sunday, the morning after the wedding, everyone got together at the Coast Hotel for a fancy brunch. It wasn’t cheap at $25+/per person but we, maybe more Matt than Elaine because she’s vegetarian, definitely got our money’s worth. This brunch was awesome for the food and it also gave us a little more time to hang out and chat with the newlyweds. I don’t think we actually had dinner that day as we ate so much! Elaine called it the bruncher.. it’s all 3 meals into one sitting.

Sunday we met up with Barry, Mark and his brother Luke. It was a hot and we had a few beers in the park by the river. Like we didn’t drink enough at the wedding 😉 Luke works on a cruise ship and it’s something we had put on our bucket list, but had forgotten about. We asked him a few questions about it and it confirmed that it’s something we may want to try at some point. Barry also hooked us up with some free food he had access too. It’s past the best before date but it’s nothing we aren’t familiar with already.

Barry's food and candy donation

Barry’s food & candy donation .. fancy pasta and threats!

On Monday we climbed at Grassi a little. Weather wasn’t the greatest but we made the best of it. I had a rematch with a route from a few years ago and that was taken care of. Elaine keeps on leading more and more and the future is looking great with regards to her lead climbing head & ability. Our new friends Lachlan & Taryn stopped by briefly and it was then that we had to say good bye.

photo (29)We attended our usual (and sadly our last) Community dinner at the St-Michael church.  This time it was meat sauce spaghetti, delicious carrot & ginger soup, Caesar salad and too much home made pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. I think we’re going to miss that weekly event as we grew used to going there and it felt to us like we were treating ourselves to something nice or were going out!!!

Matt’s phone number has been ported over to The good thing about it is that we will not have to update our info with the credit cards & banks and such but also we can still receive texts to a canadian phone number. What they do is they forward all the texts to your email and/or to another cellphone number. Now we have to choose whether to get a temporary subscription with another provider in the states.

Next stop is Penticton, BC and hopefully the weather will cooperate!

This week wasn’t cheap but bottle picking went a long way. Our weekly budget is now $168.91 for food & fun.

Sept 18 – Sept 24 : Weekly & Totals since we left 13 weeks ago.

Fuel: $120.00 / $2464.76
Food: $76.02 / $953.07
Fun: $130.29 / $868.86

Total for the week without fuel: $206.31
Total with fuel: $326.31
Total of big ticket items not part of weekly budget: $146.07

Total spent since the beginning: $6105.87
Total budget: $15228.55 (+$39 in empties, we went bottle picking!)
Budget left: $9122.68

M & E


2 thoughts on “Wedding week end!

  1. Conrad + Kristine

    Awesome read guys! We will be in Squamish until the middle of Oct. When you get closer this way let us know we should hit the road together for a bit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Matt Post author

    Closest to you we will get in Canada is pretty much Penticton as we are heading south from there. Leavenworth seems to be the place where we are the most likely to meet up. Hopefully you guys get a little more sunshine before you move on!



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