Where did climbing weather go?!

photo 3Not much new stuff since last post. We are pretty much living in Elevation Place which is the main activity center in Canmore. They have free WI-FI, comfortable couches and washrooms. All the essentials when it’s too cold to play outside. We aren’t alone hanging out here. Seems like there are a hell of a lot of similar faces that read climbing books. In some ways it feels like the movie Terminal with Tom Hanks. We have been sleeping at our secret spot every night and although it’s close to the train tracks. it seems like no one is going to bother us there. There are two other vans that sleep there every night too. Interestingly enough, perhaps because it’s so cold, we don’t get to see or talk to our neighbors at all.

We have been going to the grocery store a lot to kill time and to look for deals. One cool thing is that Safeway has a contest running until the 19th of September. When you buy something, they give you a scratch thing and you can win instant prizes. We won 6 times! The guy there liked us(Elaine?) or something because he would give us 3-4 cards each time. Unfortunately even though the contest isn’t over yet, it appears that they have ran out of the cards and aren’t giving them out anymore. We therefore got 4 boxes of Kraft Dinner and 2 chocolate bars altogether. Exciting isn’t it? 🙂

Elaine has been reading A LOT. She read the whole “Maze runner” series (3 books), meanwhile I have been playing A LOT of minesweeper. I’m trying to get sub 200 seconds on the Expert level. My best time right now is 227.53 seconds. It’s apparently pretty slow as the best players can do it under a minute.. 😦

photo 1

Yesterday we did laundry in a Laundromat for the first time. $4.25 for a wash and dry all in. That’s about it. Oh the snow is slowly melting! We are hopeful that we can climb by Sunday.


Matt trying to see if we put too much clothes in the machine while it's running

Matt trying to see if we put too much clothes in the machine while it’s running

photo (27)

Doing laundry is so peaceful.

We have also decided to amortize the big purchases over the span of the trip. It was a little too much on the weekly budget when we had big purchases and it takes forever otherwise to save cash for those purchases. As an example, Matt needs new rock climbing shoes and it’s about $100. We will take it right from the trip budget, not the weekly budget. It reduces slowly how much money we are allotting on a weekly basis. If we don’t use it all then it can go back on top of the pile. Same thing will happen with the Medical travel insurance. We went with “Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd” in Edmonton. We are waiting on confirmation for price but it will be $1210 or $1268 for 7 months coverage.

Sept 4 – Sept 10 : Weekly & Totals since we left 11 weeks ago.

Fuel: $98.00 / $2264.76
Food: $61.04 / $806.25
Fun: $87.05 / $718.12

Total for the week without fuel: $148.09
Total with fuel: $246.09

Total spent since the beginning: $3789.13
Total budget: $15160.55
Budget left: $11371.42 

M & E


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