Almost done with Canada

The Quebec leg of our trip is now officially over. We have had a lot of treats and comfort come our way during that time which of course was enjoyable. It was nice to spend some quality time with the families and friends. The upcoming 10 months are going to be a bit more of an adventure as our whereabouts and encounters are definitely not planned as much. 3-4 weeks in Alberta and we shall be on our way to Mexico.

We looked at the budget and after two months on the road, we are fairly confident that we should be able to make the $15 000 and the trip last a whole year. We do have
a big medical insurance bill coming up (around $1300) before we leave Alberta for good in September but it’s totally worth it in our opinion. At least it seems like we
might not have to buy new tires in the rear. By shifting some stuff towards the front of the van when we drive for longer period of time, we are actually 100kg (or
50kg per tire) below what the rear tires can handle.

One cool thing we confirmed is that residents of Alberta are allowed to travel out of the province 7 months out of the year. You need to advise them about it but
otherwise it shouldn’t be a problem. It gives us a little more leeway with our timeline. We are also keeping a record of the dates we cross borders to make sure we
don’t get in trouble with the USA folks. I’m pretty sure they don’t take overstaying the 6 months you’re allowed lightly. What we need to clarify is how that 6 months
is calculated. It could be based on a calendar year or else.

At this moment, we are in a truck stop somewhere in Ontario not too far from Sault-Ste-Marie and we will be crossing into the USA sometime this morning. Maybe Elaine
will drive for the border crossing because cool Matt isn’t very lucky with the border people. And with his longer beard than ever, we might as well hand over the keys with the passports to get the van search done and over with right away 😉

We did some math and we will be saving over $100 CAD by driving through the USA all the way to Alberta. It’s 200km longer but thanks to their less expensive fuel, it’s
much cheaper. We have always wanted to visit Waterton and Glacier National park so we will be crossing back into Canada somewhere around there.

Alright, time to hit the road, we have a 3000km+ journey ahead of us.

M & E


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