Bad weather and family time

We’ve been in Rouyn-Noranda now for over 10 days. It’s been rainy and chilly most of the time not feeling like summer at all. It even got as low as 5 Celsius overnight. That crappy weather gave us more motivation and confidence to continue our trip down south towards Mexico.

We had lots of time to relax, rest our fingers, drink wine and eat good food.  We also spent great moments with Elaine’s family and friends. Matt and Elaine’s dad(a former mechanic) did some more improvements to the van.

one of MANY dinners :)

one of MANY dinners 🙂

Bought some nail polish and Elaine labelled all our gear

Bought some nail polish and Elaine labelled all our gear

Matt helping Luc fix the fence

Matt helping Luc fix the fence

Our 1978 van is almost like brand new now. Upgrades were: new front lights, the exhaust pipe isn’t blowing on the gas tank anymore (thing that we didn’t have for the last 3 years..!) and we improved the water system. On the comfort side of things we added a mosquito screen to our side door. Elaine put it all together with 4 meters of sticky Velcro and a cheap see through curtain from Dollarama. Total cost was $10! It might not last forever but until then it’s going to make life a lot more enjoyable when we camp in the woods. And finally, we washed it with the pressure washer.. we got a shiny ride now!

New screen door upgrade!

New screen door upgrade!

Monday was the only sunny day and we went climbing at a crag about 10 mins away called Kekeko. Elaine was able to connect through Facebook with a local climber willing to show us around. The area wasn’t easy to find so we were quite happy to have someone familiar with the place. We unfortunately learned that poison ivy was growing wildly in the area. Mathieu and I weren’t familiar with the evil plant but had luckily and randomly read an article about it in the newspaper the day prior. The climbing area wasn’t very high, around 12-15 meters, but the rock was solid and the routes were pretty nice. Maxime the local climber was also there to set a new route and we were the first  people to try it out!!! We had a great time, Thanks Maxime!!!


Lunch spot at Kekeko

Lunch spot at Kekeko

Maxime and his new route called "Coffee Addiction"

Maxime and his new route called “Coffee Addiction”


Tuesday was fishing day!!! The weather was bad but we still went.  It was Elaine’s first real fishing experience and Matt’s first time fishing something else than trout. Elaine got her first fish 10 minutes into it. Small walleye (Dore Jaune in french)13.5 inches.  Mathieu wasn’t as lucky and didn’t get anything above 13 inches and had to put them back in the water.  Many other fish were caught but we only kept 4 altogether, enough to feed 3 non vegetarians at dinner!!!


Elaine's dad big catch of the day, 20" walleye

Elaine’s dad big catch of the day, 20″ walleye

Captain & helpers

Captain & helpers

Too small, have to put it back in

Too small, have to put it back in

The hat didn't help

The hat didn’t help









Slow week this week! Living nearby family members seems to be helping out A LOT with the budget. We are getting fed all over the place.

August 14 – August 20: Weekly & Total since we left 8 weeks ago.

Fuel: $0 / $1379.19
Food: $32.16 / $538.92
Fun: $19.20 / $535.86

Total for the week without fuel: $51.36
Total with fuel: $51.36

Total spent since the beginning: $2453.97
Total budget: $15160.55
Budget left: $12706.58

E & M


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