Busy in Chicoutimi!

Before we get any further, yesterday was the end of Week #3 and here are the numbers:

From July 10 – July 16

Transport: $85.14 (ferry and parts.. No fuel this week.. woohoo!)
Food: $34.87
Fun $34.29 (beer)
Total spent this week: $154.30
Total spent since we left: $1289.98

I don’t know if this is sustainable but this week was way below budget. To be fair we have been fed quite a lot by the family.

After leaving Kamouraska we took the Riviere-du-loup to Saint-Simeon ferry. It was a close call because of a low tide warning which caused the ramp angle to get on and off the boat to be very steep and which in turn would have caused the scooter trailer to bottom out and get all bent. After a little bit of brainstorming with the ferry people, they agreed to let us take the scooter off the rack, take the rack off and put it inside the van and to drive the scooter on its own power onto the ferry. The two great things about this solution is that we didn’t have to wait 5 hours for the high tide and they also didn’t charge us a second vehicle fee for the scooter.

On Monday we hiked “La montagne Blanche” in Anse-St-Jean. It was an old hike I had previously done when I lived in Chicoutimi 10+ years ago. I forgot how pretty it was with the waterfalls and the view on top. We brought one of my homie and his dog along and it was a good time. The dog REALLY enjoyed being able to dip in the water going up. Elevation gain was 600m and the return distance is about 13km. My friend said that it might be the hardest thing his dog had ever done.. I told him it might also be the hardest thing he’s ever done.. 😉 Needless to say the dog and the homie were a bit tired after that. It took us about 4.5 hours including lunch time.

Summit picture!

Summit picture!

We are now in Chicoutimi and things are busy visiting everyone we haven’t seen in sooo long. We still have some more to visit and while we are here for a while, we have a few upgrades to do to the van. A new problem has come up. One night at the Walmart campground, while we were sleeping, we awoke to the sound of a water pump running. We thought it was our neighbor doing something while in fact it was OUR water pump that had gone wild and potentially possessed by some kind of evil demon. It drained all of our potable water and left us dry for most of the day, all that in our sleep.

List of things to fix/work on:

For sale!

For sale!

-Scooter needs to be sold
-Fix the water pump switch (we found one, we just need to mount it)
-Roof leaks
-Oil Change

So we had a bit of luxury this week. My mom treated us to a shower, I mean treated us to a hotel room the day we saw her. Whatever her thoughts were behind doing this (maybe we smelled??), it was really nice to have a long warm bath 🙂

M & E (and our new friend Tyson!)

Matt and Tyson (Matt's dad's dog)

Matt and Tyson (Matt’s dad’s dog)



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